Joe Flacco + Terras's Kitchen

Practice. Game day. A busy family of 7. With a life dominated by time, Joe knows every second countsespecially when it comes to cooking meals that have the right balance of vitamins, minerals and nutrients to fuel him and his family. Find out how Flacco puts more time on the clock with Terra’s Kitchen. 

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Healthy Eating Made Easy

At Terra’s Kitchen, we make it surprisingly simple to eat healthy. With our fresh, pre-chopped ingredients delivered right to your door, you get the right balance of vitamins, minerals and nutrients to fuel you and your family. Whether you are looking for low-calorie, Paleo, vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free options, our recipes are efficiently designed for quick cook times with minimal cleanup.

"With 5 young children, my wife and I were looking for a solution to relieve some of the stresses of mealtime. We tried a few meal delivery services and Terra’s Kitchen goes so far beyond your usual meal kit.


Terra’s Kitchen seriously ups the meal kit game because they deliver everything ready-to-cook which saves time and creates less mess which is perfect for our family.


As an NFL quarterback, I know how important nutrition is for feeling your best and with Terra’s Kitchen we are having fun putting a healthy, whole food meal on the table and spending quality family time together."

-Joe Flacco

How Terra's Kitchen Works

Pick Your Date

Pick Your Date

Create an account and select a day when you want your meal kit to arrive. Plan your deliveries up to 4 weeks in advance, skip a week or cancel any time. 

Pick Your Food

Pick Your Food

Choose from the recipes on our menu and a variety of healthy options, including ready-to-eat salads, snacks, smoothies and more. 

Get It Delivered To Your Door

Get it Delivered to Your Door

We'll send your meal kit in a reusable, climate-controlled vessel that's guaranteed to keep your ingredients fresh all day long.  And if it's your first order, your shipping is free. 

Every Second Counts

Washed, measured and chopped—that’s how we deliver Flacco’s food. Sourcing clean, sustainable ingredients that follow the principles of the Mediterranean lifestyle, Terra's Kitchen does the food prep for the veteran quarterback so he can spend time doing what matters.

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